Welcome to CathPy’s documentation!

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CathPy is a Bioinformatics library and toolkit written for Python3. It is written and maintained by the maintainers of CATH, the Protein Structure Classification Database at UCL, UK.

The code was mainly written for use within the CATH group and covers a range of tasks from manipulating protein 3D structures and sequence alignments. This software has been released to the public domain since some of the functionality may also be useful to groups outside of the CATH group.

Getting Started

This software is released regularly on PyPI with semantic versioning. The latest stable release can be installed in your local Python environment with:

pip install cathpy

You can update an existing installation with the latest version by adding the --update flag.

pip install --update cathpy

Note: in very old versions of pip you may find it easier to uninstall (pip uninstall cathpy) then reinstall (pip install cathpy).


The code is maintained on GitHub:

git clone https://github.com/UCL/cathpy

Please submit any feature requests and bug reports as GitHub Issues (accompanying Pull Requests are welcome!).


If you want to see your name here, then submit a pull request to the code base…

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